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DIMITSANA the village

Dimitsana is one of the most beautiful and popular traditional settlements of Arcadia. Located at an altitude of 946 meters Dimitsana is located on a mountainous hilltop and has a population of approximately 342 inhabitants. Thousands of visitors come to Dimitsana each year, especially during the winter months. More information and details about the village can be found at the following link.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions

SITESEEING in Dimitsana


Water-power in Traditional society

Open-Air Water Power Museum

The Open-Air Water Power Museum is located just outside of Dimitsana in a verdant landscape surrounded by an abundance of running water. Traditional installations and water-powered mechanisms were carefully restored in 1997, while each of the old workshops hosts an exhibition exclusively devoted to its former use. The Museum highlights the importance of water-power in traditional society, focusing on the main pre-industrial techniques that take advantage of water to produce a variety of goods.

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Hiking, Canoe-kayaking and Rafting

Lousios River

Lousios is a river about west of the location Dimitsana, crossing a spectacular 15 kilometers and about 2 kilometers wide canyon before reaching Alphios. On the two sides of the gorge are two historical monasteries, the Philosopher Monastery and the Prodromos Monastery. The canyon was designated as a single archaeological site in 1997 and is protected by the Ministry of Culture. Lousios offers alternative tourism activities such as hiking, canoe-kayaking and rafting.

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Pilgrim Tourism - Hiking

Monastery of St John the Baptist

The Monastery of St John the Baptist or Moni Timiou Prodromou is located at the height of the route that joins Dimitsana with Stemnitsa, perched literally on a vertical rock in the gorge of the river Lousios. The monastery was built in the 16th century and played an important role during the Greek revolution of 1821 in the care and supply of Greek militants. Beyond its rich religious and historical tradition, it manages to attract a large number of visitors due to its impressive architecture.



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Monastery of the Philosopher

The Monastery of the Philosopher is located on the ravine of the Lousios River, south of the location Dimitsana. The monastery consists of two monastery complexes, one old and one new, which are a short distance from each other and are dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin and celebrate the performance of the feast on August 23. One of the oldest Byzantine monuments in Greece, it was founded in 963 by Ioannis Lambardopoulos of Dimitsana, the so-called “philosopher”, who was the secretary (“Protocritus”) of Emperor Nikiforos Fokas.



Ancient Monuments - Hiking

Ancient Gortyna

Ancient Gortyna or Gortys was an Arcadian ancient city on the right bank of Lousios River. Ruins of the ancient city are today near the village of Atsicholos Arcadia in the middle of the route from Karytaina to Dimitsana. In 1941 excavations were first carried out by the French Archaeological School of Athens. Research has shown that it was an ancient Arcadian city. After the creation and colonization of Megalopolis, the city decreased significantly in population but continued to exist until the early Byzantine times. By the name of this city the wider area is now called Gortynia, Municipality of Gortynia.

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Pilgrim Tourism

Monastery of Emialon

The Holy Monastery of the Virgin Mary of Aimyalon is located just 2.5km outside of the location Dimitsana. It was founded in 1608 by the monk Gregory Kontogiannis and his sister, Eupraxia nun Paisia ​​Kontogiannis, from the Aimyalos village in the prefecture of Messinia, from which it was named. The Monastery of Aimyalon offered important services to the Greek genus, both during the dark years of the Turkish occupation and during the Liberation War. The Monastery of Aimyalon had a long flowering course, but began to fall in the late 19th century, which led to its unification with the Sacred Monastery of Prodromos, a metochion of which it remains today.


dimitsana church museum

Religious Heritage

Dimitsana Ecclesiastical Museum

In the historic village of Dimitsana there was one of the most important church schools of Peloponnese, as well as the Tuition Centre of Greek Literature (Frontistirio Ellinikon Grammaton), from which many metropolitans and scholars graduated, among them Gregory II and Palaion Patron Germanos. The Ecclesiastical Museum of Dimitsana was founded in 1992 and is housed in the restored home of Gregory E, near the center of the village. The Museum contains many religious artifacts, antique sacred vessels, icons and sacred vestments.

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